Refund policy

Merchandise got back to The Leather Store because of some unacceptable stockpile, broken or harmed, or undesirable might be considered for acknowledgment in view of the accompanying prerequisite:

We acknowledge merchandise in the span of 15 days after which the client probably got the request.

Purchaser should ensure that returned products should be in resalable condition, unused with all unique bundling unblemished and the sticker price appended to the first receipt. While returning the wristwatch, it won't be acknowledged whether it isn't held back in that frame of mind as been utilized as the delivery box. In the interim, provided that a request mistake happens on our own part, we don't give return transporting administrations.

After the beneficiary of the merchandise, discounts are handled in the span of 15 days and will be given in the first type of installment. Note that the charges brought about for delivery won't be discounted.

Kindly note that things returned which don't meet our merchandise exchange necessities will be completely denied and won't be considered for the discount.

All Fast strike (QS), restricted release, limited and brand coordinated effort items can't be returned or traded. Rejections to this term are at the sole watchfulness of The Leather Store.

Stock arranged online can't be returned available.

At The Leather Store, online merchandise exchanges are restricted to things requested web-based on our site Things of a similar item returned in amounts of three or past won't be acknowledged and in that capacity, won't be considered for the discount.

All in all, on the off chance that we coincidentally while your request is been handled we commit a few errors, we render an open Expression of remorse. This is simply restricted to the mistaken or harmed thing being transported.