Collection: Women Trench Coats

About Women Trench Coats

Buy the latest womens trench coats online at the best prices from The Leather Store. Our trench coats, crafted from premium sheepskin and lambskin leather, offer unparalleled quality and comfort. Trench coats have a rich history dating back to WWI, where German officers and soldiers wore them in the trenches, giving rise to their iconic name.

Our womens trench coats stand out with their unique appeal, offering a commanding and classic look that is highly sought after. Popular colours such as black and brown trench coats remain in high demand, but our innovative fashion techniques ensure that all colours look stunning.

Though men also purchase leather trench coats, they are particularly Favourite by women. Known by various names such as leather long coats, duster coats, or simply leather coats, our collection also includes shearling coats designed for the harshest winters. Stay warm, stylish, and confident with our trench coats. Buy your leather trench coat now and take advantage of our special discounts.